Did you know boilers that are over 10 years' old are inefficient and could be wasting your money? Not only that, they have a stronger effect on the environment as they produce more wasteful gasses and only convert 60% of the gas they use into heat. If you are looking for a new boiler in Woking our experience team will be happy to help you. Investing in a new boiler could save you a significant amount in the long run.

Any new boiler that is installed has to be a condensing boiler, which converts a minimum of 90% of the gas used to heat, so you will see an increase of at least 30% on your boilers efficiency. Not only will this help reduce your environmental impact, it will also ensure you are compliant with current building regulations standards and you will also notice a reduction in your fuel energy costs.

There is a whole range of different types of condensing boilers to suit different homes and requirements. We can help you understand the different types and what may be best suited to your home, contact us today to find out more.


The team here at Sines Plumbing & Heating recommend that you have your boiler serviced every year. It is the best way to help protect your boiler from premature damage and unnecessary repairs. By doing this, you will also ensure that your boiler continues to operate at optimum levels for as long as possible.

Carrying out regular services helps identify any potential problems that can be resolved before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem.

Boiler servicing covers a range of checks, including carbon monoxide checks, which if left unnoticed could be fatal. Boilers are complex pieces of equipment and should be looked after to ensure that they continue to keep your home comfortable and remain safe to use.

Regular servicing will also help prolong the overall life span of your boiler, avoiding the need for premature replacements. Some boiler manufacturers guarantees are also only valid with regular servicing, so be sure to check what your paperwork says. If you would like to book a boiler service or repair, contact us today.


We specialise in brand new central heating installations and can provide upgrades if required. We also offer professional repairs to existing central heating systems if your system is faulty.

Our team of trained and experienced engineers can also offer advice on ways that you can optimise your central heating system with the introduction of new components and products such as a new Worcester Bosch Boiler, pumps or modern radiators. We want you to have the best heating system possible for your home to help keep you safe and warm all year round.

We offer our services to both private owners, landlords and letting agents in Woking and have experience across the board. Our levels of service are the best, whoever the customer or whatever the job.

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