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Boilers older than 10 years old are inefficient, wasting energy and money. This has an environmental impact and an also an impact on your pocket! Many older boilers only convert 60% of the gas they use into heat, wasting a massive 40% of fuel.

All new boilers installed are condensing boilers that convert a minimum of 90% of the gas used into heat. This meets the current building regulation standards and helps to reduce your environmental impact. A new condensing boiler can save you an additional 30% on your annual heating bills. This is a considerable saving over the lifetime of a boiler.

There are various types of condensing boilers available which can be tailored to your individual needs. Please follow the link for information on the various types of boiler available.


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Control your Worcester gas boiler from anywhere using the internet!

Worcester Wave

The Wave is a new generation of intelligent smart controls which allow the operator to control their heating and hot water through the internet or a smart device.

The Wave is intuitive and simple to use with a sleek touch screen display. The corresponding app enables you to control your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Compatible with a range of award winning Greenstar gas fired boilers
  • Seven day variable programs for both the heating and hot water
  • Free easy to use app
  • Intelligent device sources local weather information to automatically adjust the heating to the outside weather conditions (no outdoor sensor necessary)
  • Easy to use with colour touch screen controls
  • A guarantee of 2 years but this can increase to a maximum of 10 years if fitted at the same time as a Worcester Bosch boiler and accessory
  • Data privacy - your personal data is secure on the Wave and is not shared with any third parties
Worcester Wave


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